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Tourist Attractions of Dubai

After reaching at Dubai, what to do next? There you need to make your plan for visiting the favorite places of tourists.

Beaches of Dubai are known worlds fantastic finest and clear beaches, with white sand shores. You can enjoy playing there bare foots.

Desert tourist visa
Some distance ahead there are lots of sand dunes in Dubai, you need to book desert safari the rest of trip they will take care of you by providing Arabic food, dance,music, If you are allergic to sand than do not go for this ride.

Golden shopping time
Dubai has its own market developed for golden accessories. That is famous as gold souq. If you do not wish to buy something, than you will enjoy this walking across the shops around and like window shopping though.

Heritage walk
You can have a look of old times Dubai in Dubai heritage village. Where in you will feel the Dubai traditional legacy. You will find dinning diversity there as they have people from other countries as well. You can enjoy south asian,malacian, South affrican cuisines.

Skiing surprise

Snow and only snow you will find it everywhere inside the ski Dubai center. This is the first ski center in middle eat which is indoor. There you can enjoy skiing,

Snow boarding, making snow man and snow ball war.

Hot air balloon ride

This is something very special and exited ride. It will show the different looks of deserts, Dubai sky colors, great landscapes, dark blue sea, as you go at height in air you will feel you are flying high.

Golf Club
You will experience the golf courses in desert. Dubai got many golf courses and people do enjoy playing golf on holidays, It would be and amazing place to capture your memories in Dubai.

Shopping on the spot
Dreaming about shopping than go to Dubai and attend shopping carnivals. Dubai organizes shopping festivals twice a year, summer and winter. There you can enjoy bargaining about your desired thing. There shopping festival are paradise for buyers

After having knowledge about these places and points you will surely think about these shopping festivals. So apply for Dubai visa now and get ready to fly Dubai.

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