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Different Visa Types And Its Purposes


People from almost all the countries are looking Dubai as a hub for golden multiple opportunities. If you are planning, then you must obtain a Dubai Visa for the same purpose.

Purpose of Visit:

The visa that one should obtain differs as per the purpose of their visit:

    1. Transit Visa for the one who require shortest duration of a stay for just certain hours.
    2. Tourist Visa for the one who is interested to spend a holiday there for the duration of 15-30 days which can be extended for 30 days later.
    3. Resident Visa for the  purpose of employment in Dubai.
    4. Business Visa for the purpose of some specific business assignment for existing employee or to start up with the new business.
    5. Student Visa for the students who want to carry out their studies in Dubai.

Legal documents requirement:

The common documentation requirements irrespective of the purpose of visit are:

– Recent colored photograph

– Passport with the minimum validity of the next 6 months

– Declaration of the purpose of the visit.

Declaration could be employers’ certificate for the Business visa and letter from the institute of admission in case of the student visa.

– Application fee along with the form at the time of submission of documents.

Where to apply?

Application for Dubai Visa can be obtained through online registration or airlines agencies that help to achieve the most competitive prices for the person on time of applications.