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Conditions of Facing Ban in UAE For Visitors And Employee

Many people travel to UAE/ Dubai for many different purposes during the year such as traveling, shopping, business meetings, conference, seminar, doing business, study, employment etc. UAE has some laws that initiate ban on visitor’s profile if someone gets involved into any kind of situation, if that is illegal practice under the law. All visitors who are going to UAE are suggested to take care of these situations in UAE/ Dubai.

You will be banned if:

  • If you are working on contract of fixed term or limited term and for some reasons break it prior to finish.
  • Your action of leaving the company while you are working on “unlimited” contract without prior notice, can lead to serious offence and that that can end up with imprisonment at times)
  • If you could get a NOC -No Objection Certificate from your previous employer.
  • Sometime you are restricted to work for competitor for specific time period after leaving your company, however if you do then ban applies.
  • Residence stamp on your passport is mandatory. if you do not have it then you will be in trouble soon
  • if you work for two employer at the same time- Your legal sponsor as well as another employer then this is and offence.
  • If you do not have a valid labor card.
  • You labor card has got cancelled on employer request.

These situations can be avoided by taking care of some smooth and relevant steps. If you have already decided that you have to work in UAE/ Dubai and look your career exploration here then- You can easily avoid being banned in UAE/Dubai for work.

Easy steps that avoid being your profile banned.

  • You must take NOC letter from your current employer.
  • If you accept not to change your labor position and join on the same position in another employer
  • You manage to get a valid Residency stamp in your passport
  • You must have a valid Labor card without any conflict.
  • If you successfully complete your one year of contract with one employer
  • Also if you are employed with one organization on an “unlimited” contract.
  • All the above conditions must be met in the same manner!

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