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An Overview of the UAE Economy

The suitable opportunities of growth of business for each businessman and for new entrepreneurs are widely available in UAE/Dubai. Now many companies around the world are looking at UAE economy as their role model in coming years because of its adaptability and transparency qualities. UAE economy always welcomes to new business entries. This convention has been carried over from Gulf old days when trades were based on ships; they explored neighbor countries (India, Africa) and made good trading relations.

GDP growth attracts investors in UAE/Dubai
Establishing your new business at Free zone became a pleasant idea of growing business free hand and actually made UAE economy more popular and successful in Middle East. Because of this fact GDP standard sustained at 8.4% during the year 2000 to 2006. Natural resources have played a major role in increasing the growth rate, 10% of total oil supplied is being provided by UAE and known as 5th largest oil and gas producer country in the world.360 degree growth of infrastructure develops new trade opportunities

Gone those days when UAE was entirely depend upon oil and gas resources. There were labors only in this trade and economy was around this only. Now UAE/Dubai Govt. has invested a lot in developing the basic infrastructure to promote more business opportunities which will have more multi talented human resources in all fields rather only from conventional sector. Economy is now more based on knowledge, advance technology, and multi-skilled labor. These resources are working in aviation, tourism industry, export and import, telecommunication, E-commerce.Recognized as raising quality center in the world for international trade

There are number of quality standards in different sectors made UAE as the most raising quality center in the world for providing basic infrastructure and flexible nature of economy. Just have look at the world reorganization of UAE economy at world level.
•    UAE is recognized as “Most-networked countries in the world” and ranked in the top 30 on the World Economic Forum.
•    UAE/Dubai ranked as least corrupted countries in the world as per the corruption index.

UAE/Dubai has established itself as the safest place for investors as the economy has shown less fluctuation in average growth rate. If you are also planning for investing in UAE/Dubai then you can get all info online without any hassle.